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Veterans Community (Lanarkshire) SCIO is a charity that supports the veterans community (ex-Armed Forces Veterans and their families) within the Lanarkshire Area. Our aim is to provide support and guidance to the whole veterans community.

The charity operates a veterans community hub in Craigneuk and also a drop-in cafe, on a Friday, in the Kings Church in Motherwell.

In November 2015 the VC at the KC (Veterans Community at the Kings Church) was established. The VC at the KC is a weekly drop in cafe which is held every friday and is open to all members of the veterans community (veterans and their families) within Lanarkshire. Since we began the VC at the KC the number of attendees has gradualy increased and we now have 50 guests on a friday. Due to the success of the VC at the KC, and the demand to be open more often, we established Veterans Community (Lanarkshire) SCIO and this enabled us to take over our own building which has become the Veterans Community Hub.

Our aim is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where, any member of the veterans community, can visit and socialise with other veterans. The VC Hubs core hours are Monday - Thursday from 10am - 2pm with the VC at the KC being opened every Friday from 10am - 2pm.

We are extremely grateful to the following who provide funding to Veterans Community (Lanarkshire) SCIO: